The Life Plan

What would you do if your carefully planned life was falling apart? Like many women, Kat Miller dreams of having a satisfying career, a loving family, and a house of her own. But Kat has taken things further than most, documenting her dreams in a “Life Plan,” so that nothing will go wrong. Yet something has: Dan, her husband of five years. Kat suspects that Dan, recently unemployed, is spending more time in yoga class with his beautiful classmate than he is looking for a job. When Dan announces that he has enrolled in a massage course in Thailand, Kat is convinced she has to go with him to save her marriage. From the offices of Washington, DC, to the gritty streets of Bangkok to the mountain region of Chiang Mai, from the serenity of ancient Buddhist ruins to the passion of the jungle to all-night beach parties, Kat narrates her quest to have it all, only to wonder if having it all is all there is.

Praise for The Life Plan:

Totally engaging voice and compelling plot. I couldn’t put it down. Bravo!”

Sue William Silverman, author of the memoir LOVE SICKmade into a Lifetime Television Original Movie

A marvelous literary romp for the 21st century. In her protagonist ‘Kat,’ Sybil Baker gives us a woman scorned, whose fury finds solace in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, whose emotional terror finds peace in a revision of her life’s plan. You love Kat for her vulnerability, even as you laugh out loud at her convoluted, comic careening through the world. And a bonus: The Life Plan is also the most original, no-holds-barred, well-informed and readable traveler’s guide to Thailand.”


The Life Plan is a screwball comedy for the 21st century, a witty and winning romp through one woman’s discovery that life, love, and liberty do not always go according to plan. Baker’s talent for zinging one-liners and trenchant characterization make The Life Plan a joyously touching read.”

-Robert Eversz, author of the Nina Zero novels